The New England Business Brokers Association (NEBBA) is the largest association of business brokers and M&A advisors in New England. Established to promote the highest level of professionalism among its business brokers. NEBBA offers continuing education, collaboration among the broker community, and a voice for advocating on behalf of business brokers. Members and sponsors include business brokers, M&A advisors, appraisers, transaction attorneys, accountants, financial planners, and business lenders.

NEBBA is an affiliate of the International Business Brokers Association (IBBA), the largest national & international association of business intermediary advisors, and regularly offers IBBA sanctioned continuing education courses and training.

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Special Note: As a result of COVID-19, NEBBA is currently not holding in-person meetings. All of our meetings are being held virtually on Zoom. The topics for these meeting are very current and frequently related to COVID-19 issues facing brokers and lending for small business acquisitions. These Zoom meetings are for members only. If you are not currently a member, we encourage you to join NEBBA so that you may participate. 

We hope that our meetings will resume in the near future. Please check our website regularly for the latest updates.

Why should you use a NEBBA member?
  • Trained and experienced in business valuation
  • Businesses for sale throughout New England
  • Buyers seeking businesses throughout the region
  • We maintain confidentiality 
  • Assist with the financing of a business acquisition
  • Facilitate successful deal structures
Businesses for Sale

Why Join NEBBA?

  • Training courses developed by IBBA 
  • Monthly Meetings 
  • Acess to private social group 
  • Meet lenders, attorneys and representatives of other affiliate businesses that specialize in supporting business brokerage
  • Develop networking relationships with other brokers
  • And more!